Aliens vs. Terminator 2: Judgment Day



Mmmm Cameron Sequels.

I had my first cinema date for 'real' with Aliens, so that needs to come out on top... Inger Marie, where are you now?

Oh, man, the best of Cameron................ T2, by a nose.

I never liked THE TERMINATOR flicks. It's all about the ALIEN films, and ALIEN PLURAL is simply better-written and more entertaining than any TERMINATOR entry.


Hard choice

Ah yes! Both are excellent films in their own ways. I am going with Aliens. Considering the budget difference between the two I feel like Aliens deserves a bit more respect. Plus, I like Michael Biehn. His part in Grindhouse was hilarious. Many other reasons, but either way Cameron rules. I hope he pulls off Avatar.

In both action and humor, Aliens wins.

In my opinion there're not that many great space movies but Aliens is one so it gets my vote.

I have changed my mind on this one after seeing T2 again. It remains in my Top 20, but it's fallen closer to the bottom of that particular list. At least until I see Aliens again, I'm now giving this one to Sigourney Weaver. Take that, Ah-nold.

Damn. Two of the best sequels of all time. I am going to have to go with T2, just because i remember it more fondly.

Aliens T2 was meh to me after seeing the first one.

I have to chose T2 here. One of the best action movies of all time.

Two great James Cameron sequels, let down a little by their corny dialogue. T2 wins for me

The "Extra Angry Badass Chicks Fighting the System Who Are Paranoid Against Robots And Are Protecting A Kid" Double Feature. In Aliens, Ripley has to deal with a greedy corporation and cocky Marines who don't grasp the severity of the alien menace. In Terminator 2, Sarah Connor must contend with an assholish psychiatrist and Cyberdyne Systems who don't grasp the severity of the approaching apocalypse. Ripley has issues with robots because she was attacked by one in Alien. Connor has issues with robots because she was attacked by one in The Terminator. Ripley must protect young Newt (who is slightly annoying) from being impregnated by aliens. Connor must protect her son (who is really annoying) from being assassinated by T-1000. In both cases, Ripley and Sarah Connor seem to be the only people who know what the hell is going on, and are really pissed off about it. Also, I would say that both are exponentially more pissed off than they were in the original movies (though Ripley's anger is not quite as over the top as Connor's). Now that I think about it, Sarah Connor and Arnold spend a lot of time beating up and shooting at authority figures. I mean, Arnold blows away the entire police force (well, at least their cars). In Aliens, Ripley just shoots the monsters. So, while Ripley is pissed off at the system, the movie doesn't waste time showing her shooting at authority figures who didn't really do anything wrong. She shoots at the actual bad guys. Aliens is leaner and meaner, without the petty conlict with the psychiatrist or unfunny use of outdated slang.

Both of them played huge roles in my childhood. But Arnold was my hero as a youngster. My mom picks on me to this day whenever he shows up onscreen. And if you put the two in front of me and asked me which one I'd want to watch, I'd go with T2 almost every time. When people talk about raising the bar within the action genre, I think of it and John Woo's Hard Boiled as the bar. Just an awesome, awesome movie.

Aliens is Cameron's best film while T2 is a little overrated IMO

this is a tough one, but aliens just scared the shit out of me when i was a kid

This is a rough one. These are possibly my two favorite action sci-fi movies of all time. So hard to choose between them. They are also possibly the two sequels that were better thanthenoriginal movie. And they are both great James Cameron films. It's too hard to choose. I'm going to say T2 because it had good early CGI.

Seriously? It's like choosing between my adopted kids. Best two sequels ever made as far as I'm concerned.

Agree with the previous all the way. Picking between these two is damn near impossible. T2 by an infinitely small margin...

This guy is the man when it comes to sequels.And Alien wasn't even his baby.

Aliens is more entertaining, action packed, scary and thrilling.

Very hard choice!

Oh, this one is really tough. These are both superlative action movies, two that I always watch when I want to cheer up a bit, so it comes down to subplot preference. The mother-daughter dynamic trumps the father-son, especially since Furlong can't sell that last scene. Aliens got a Best Actress nomination for a reason.

Terminator 2 for sure but only by a hair. Aliens is a great movie!

T2 is the better action film.

The battle of two of the best sequels in cinematic history. Although I have to say, while Aliens may be a great sequel, retrospectively it does write the franchise into a corner and doesn't do any of the later films any favours. You could say the same about Terminator 2, but for me Terminator 2 still holds up as a Sci-Fi/Action film by today's standards, whereas Aliens feels incredibly dated (I know that Aliens is 5 years older than T2, but Aliens feels substantially older than T2). Funnily enough I prefer the Alien franchise to the Terminator franchise, but I think T2 is a better film than any of the Alien films, even the first one (by a nose I must stress). T2 wins.

Two of the greatest films of all time. Whilst Aliens holds a spot in my Top 20, Terminator 2 holds a spot in my top 5 and to me is a more entertaining movie! Cameron's T2 wins!

Two of the greatest sequels of all-time tight here and they both happen to be directed by James Cameron. It is extremely close, but I slightly prefer T2.

Aliens. Both were two of the first movies I can say I loved, but Aliens was the complete package to me.

James Cameron's two masterpieces! I can almost not decide! My two favorite Sci Fi's of all time!

Very , very interesting...

Cameron's two very best movies are both his greatest masterpieces and my favorite Sci Fi movies. Words cannot describe how much I love these two movies. That is why both are in my Top 5!

I couldn't help but think of this matchup while I watched Aliens. T2 is a very good action film, but I thought Aliens had slightly better payoffs and much better acting. The action sequences in both of these are phenomenal, but Aliens feels like the better film to me.

Aliens. I just love the way Cameron picks up where Scott left off with no slippage. Cameron basically took a great sci-fi/horror film and made a great sci-fi/action film. He dared to do this with Alien already having a huge following. And yet, he was so successful at it that Aliens is widely considered one of the greatest follow-ups of all time. Amazing. T2 is also one of the greatest follow-ups, but Cameron built upon is own work with T2. That isn't nearly as challenging as following up on Ridley Scott's Alien. Love both, and both are in my top 20, but Aliens win.

Terminator 2 is superior.....Its far more iconic and memorable and besides the story is more moving in T2 than Aliens

It's really a toss up, but after watching both in the last couple of days, I think I am now leaning towards Aliens. Both are fucking amazing sequels though.

I think Aliens is more intense and exciting, but T2 has such a brilliant human element, as well and amazing action, I have to give the edge to that one. T2.


I liked aliens just a little bit more so its aliens for me but the first terminator is my favourite cameron film

Terminator 2 is easily better.

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Aliens is the correct answer.

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Terminator 2, most definitely.

In a perfect world, I'd never have to choose between these two. Can it get any closer???

Two amazing action movies. T2 wins.

Alright Flickchart, who are you and what do you want?

Both films improved upon the first and both films jumped genre from Horror to Action. I have to give it to Aliens. T2 is a fun ride, but Aliens managed to do more with less. No CGI, all practical effects. Granted, T2 had minimal CGI, but also take into consieration the set dec of Aliens and the performances overall. I love T2 as much as the next guy, but come on. Eddie Furlong can get pretty obnoxious and Arnold can only do so much. Team: Aliens.

I'm with Team: Aliens on this one

Cameron is truly the master of Sequels. These are my two favorite movie sequels and they are both directed by James Cameron... what a boss :)

I should give Aliens yet another rewatch, although I did love it. Terminator 2 is definitely the less dated and more impressive of the two, though.

T2 for me but I feel like I go against Aliens to much I do not know why?

Prob. two of my favourite sci-fi/action movies ever and also the best films Cameron has produced so far. Terminator 2 has some monumental fight and chase scenes and one of the most ingenious villains ever -- the T-1000 used to scare me to death when I was a child. However, the so-called "humanisation" of the good terminator ended up being a little too goofy (exaggerated) for my taste. Aliens is the winner.

After rewatching both of them, I'm going back to Aliens. Tighter script and more likeable characters. Terminator 2 was disappointing after rewatching it, although it's still pretty damn good.

Personally I enjoy T2 a lot more.

God this is hard. Both in my top 5 ever. Cameron at his best. If i could have them level i would, but purely because it's the film I've seen more than any other, I'm going with t2. On a different day i might make a different choice though.

T2 (3) vs Aliens (7). Love them both. Terminator wins

Damn. Two of the best Sci-Fi films ever. Both masterpieces. I guess T2 by a hair.

Two of the best action films, and THE two best Cameron films ever. T2 is my pick.

Love Aliens but it is can't beat T2.Judgement day for the victory

I love Aliens, but T2 wins for me.

This is pretty tough. Both are sequals, directed by James Cameron and both are early teenager years favourites of mine. I'll choose Aliens this time, however I pretty much love them equally.

Aliens is overrated. It's the same as the first but BIGGER. And bigger isn't always better. It also doesn't help that the characters are pretty weak. T2 is intense and a great mix of story and action. T2 is more interesting and the clear winner. If it was Alien vs T2 it would be close!

Both movies are great. The best movies of James Cameron. But I have to go with Aliens. T2's action sequences are better but Aliens is always thrilling and i feel that is a little bit more complete. The Terminator vs Ellen Ripley? I'm not sure of what character i prefer but... I go with Aliens.

T2 by miles...


T 2 is the better crafted with a sharper script film.


T2 Judgment Day>Aliens

T2 is the better great James Cameron film.


Probably the two best action scifi movies of all time, and both done by James Cameron. Also probably two of the top 5 sequels of all time, up there with Empire Strikes Back and TDK. Aliens by a hair.

Terminator 2. Honestly, I like Alien more than Aliens. But T2 surpassed its original