Aliens vs. Mad Max: Fury Road



Going with Mad Max: Fury Road.

Um, I love Fury Road but it's plot is paper thin. Both are in my top 100 right now, Aliens is #6 though.

Mad max fury road

Voth are overrated, but Aliens isn't shit.

I cringe when people say Fury Road is one of the greatest action films ever made. Aliens on the other hand is definitely worthy of that praise.

No need to cringe, because it certainly is one of the greatest action movies ever made in my opinion. Aliens is one of the greatest as well, but I think Fury Road is the better film.

I'm gonna agree with Jay, I just need a bit more plot in my movie than Mad Max can provide.

Fury Road

Mad Max: Fury Road - I think an action movie doesn't need a story if the action is 10/10 and 1 picture from the film has more details than some of our today's franchises. And Fury Road has the best action sequences ever, also a few legendary moments, a lot of details, everything is perfect and well made, it was in the making process for 25 years!! I can't agree with those who say that it is garbage or bullshit or trash. Aliens - In the other hand, there is another film of the best action movies ever made, by the master of sequels, James Cameron, who did this for the 2nd episode of the Alien franchise and did his job perfectly, for the sequel, he managed to double the experience and the success of Alien. I'm not saying the quality, it's not much better than the 1st one, but for me, a little bit better. It mixed 3 genres perfectly: sci-fi, horror and action. This is really rare that action and horror are flawlessly complement each other in a science-fiction frame. Conclusion - Great job Miller, but at the end of the day, I'm gonna give this really huge point to James Cameron and Aliens!

Aliens wins...but it's close..