Aliens vs. Die Hard



Two nearly-perfect action flicks, both from the 80s... The aliens vs. Herr Gruber, Ripley-Hicks-Bishop vs. ...well, John McClane. But man, I love Bruce Willis. Yippie-ki-yay.

One of the hardest choices I've faced here so far. Aliens has a slight advantage since I saw it first, and the creatures make better villains than Euro-terrorists. Although, Alan Rickman can't be topped... Still, I'm going with Aliens. (the sentry-guns won me over)

Alan Rickman makes Die Hard a winner

That's the action face-off for the ages. Aliens because I can watch it all the time, not just at Christmas.

Aliens no question. I love Die Hard and all, but there is not another action movie out there quite like Aliens.

Difficult choice. Aliens is the definitive female action hero role, but I can't discount Die Hard inspiring enumerable imitators. Plus, who thinks of Bruce Willis as a Moonlighting guy that transitioned to movies?

Die Hard has a special place in my heart. Plus it's Aliens rather than Alien. I have to go with Die Hard. Give me Hans Landa and the Johnson Detectives.

Die Hard purely because it's aged far better than Aliens. Plus it's the granddaddy of the action/shooter genre.

John McClane is just too damn good to pass up here...

Aliens is one of the most thrilling experiences I've ever had watching a movie, and it wins this match-up.

Both are great action films because they actually have a story to go along with the explosions. I love Die Hard, but honestly i'd take Aliens over every Die Hard film.

Easily Die Hard.

the toughest choice ever... i love both films, both are in my top 5, but i gotta go with die hard here

4 vs 7 on my list. Die Hard wins and stays at 4.

Late 80's Classics. Hard to choose considering they are different genres.It's still Die Hard but Cameron's Aliens is the strongest of the franchise & the best Science Fiction film behind the 2 Terminators.

Die Hard

Die hard is ultimately that good it is