ThanksKilling vs. Sharknado



This pairing makes me really sad.

Sharknado, though both are very fun awful movies. I would say both are horrendous in every aspect (in a so-bad-it’s-good way) other then when it’s trying to actually be funny, they both actually crank out sone solid jokes. Though I will say Nado had slightly better characters then Killing. Watch both if you love funny-bad movies.

Hey Sorry I know this isn't the place for this but I need help and you guys seem to know alot about movies. I've been tracking a movie all my life the film is from the 80's or possibly late 70's I remember watching it on HBO in the 80's problem I have is that I was super Young and didn't speak english, I'm asking for help here to see if I can track it down. all I remember of this film is the opening scene is of a close up of a crab at the beach, the movie follow a couple kind of a ripoff Indiana Jones, main hero fought against natives who had heads on a pike and there was a metallic bullet proof boat that looked scary and the boat had its own theme music every time it was on scene.

@DogFace - The movie you're looking for is Mysterious Island (1961)