Toy Story vs. Kill Bill Vol. 1



two classics, these pics are always tough. But I'll have to go with Toy Story. That movie will be remembered in future generations, like Wizard of Oz and Gone with the Wind.

Kill Bill is great. Toy Story is classic!

Toy Story

Tough one...I'll throw it to Toy Story, I guess.

Kill Bill

Kill Bill doesn't lose often, but it does here.

Another matchup of two terrific films. As much as I love Kill Bill, I'll pick Toy Story for nostalgic value.

Kill Bill, it will be harder competition for me it's Kill Bill vs Toy Story 2 or Toy Story 3

Kill Bill is a very good movie but Toy Story is far more special for me.

Almost a coin flip...but I'm going Toy Story.

The Bride slices and dices Woody and his friends to shreds.

Beatrix Kiddo would probably give the Toys to B.B. and then slice the movie to ribbons.

The Bride > The Toys.

I’m gonna goodfellas here


My inner child picks Toy Story but Kill Bill wins. Hard choice!

Kill Bill easily. Nothing against Toy Story, it's a great movie for kids, but I personally prefer more mature, more thought provoking movies for adults like Kill Bill.

It really is kinda close between these two great films... but I prefer Kill Bill by a bit because of the action and dialogue.