Toy Story vs. 2001: A Space Odyssey



Both should be in my top twenty. Damn. Ok, Toy Story, because I saw it first when I was a toddler and I first watched 2001 in February [2011].

These two should be high up in anyones list. Interesting matchup, but a clear winner to me. 2001 is unstoppable!

I'm going with Toy Story simply because it was a childhood favorite.

fuck my face

Toy Story. Dare I say it is the better film? It holds up better....that's for sure. Well, at least in my opinion...

I will always love Toy Story, but it doesn't come close to the greatness of 2001.

Toy Story is a better paced movie so that's what I'm picking.

Toy Story hold up better? 2001 doesn't need holding up. 2001 still is up.

Not a fan of 2001, so Toy Story it is. More heart, more soul, more entertaining *shrugs*.

I saw Toy Story when I was young just like everyone else, but somehow it didn't really register at all in my nostalgia bank. I feel nothing for it. 2001.

I'll throw another vote Toy Story's way.

I'm not even going to argue with you kids. Have fun with your cartoons.

Not a big animation fan...

Sorry "Toy Story", as much as I love you and the trilogy, and I had a lot of childhood memories with you, "2001" made the biggest impact on me when it comes to films. "2001" gets the vote.

Toy contest.

Toy Story.

2001 wins. This would be a harder choice if it were up against Toy Story 3.

Both are films that are certainly important to the history of filmmaking. I enjoy both, but Toy Story is the only one I would even consider rewatching.

Toy Story


Toy Story

If it were Toy Story 3, this would be a different story. But alas, 2001 still holds my pick for the greatest film I've ever seen from a technical standpoint so it gets my pick.

lol don't like either, they're both overrated to the fullest extent in my opinion... which would I rather watch? Toy Story. Which is better? Eh... still Toy Story.

I like Toy Story a lot, but it couldn't come up to smack 2001.

I like Toy Story a lot, but it couldn't come up to smack 2001.

I like Toy Story a lot, but it couldn't come up to smack 2001.