Toy Story vs. Finding Nemo



Easily Toy Story.

Both excellent Pixar. But I've watched Finding Nemo 20 times and I can watch it again and again. Ellie is way better than Buzz.

Toy Story is much better

Nemo was good, but you don't beat Toy Story.

No question that Toy Story is a nearly perfect movie.

Only two films have outdone Pixar's first, and one was its sequel. Toy Story has nostalgia in its favor, not to mention its sheer brilliance or how undeniably influential it happens to be. My intention is not to take anything away from Finding Nemo, though. It's another fine movie. Knew essentially nothing about it the first time I saw it. As a result, it had quite an effect on me, and still does to this day. But it can never compare to Toy Story.

Comparing Pixar movies wth each other is an incredibly difficult task... But I'm giving it to Toy Story for now, because I liked it instantly, while Finding Nemo took awhile to grow on me.


I also hate comparing Pixar movies. Many of them are all lumped together in my top 50, lol.


To infinity and beyond Fish Story.

When you rank Pixar movies, you come up with a list in which the lowest ranked film is still really good. These are two of their absolute best. They are both milestones for animation.

As always, I hate to take anything away from another Pixar film, but Nemo is still far and away my favorite. Purely from a visual standpoint, it is Pixar's masterpiece; every frame of that film is jaw-droppingly beautiful. But it also really gets to me on an emotional level; I love the story. Toy Story is, of course, fantastic, but it's actually only about middle-of-the-road for me, as far as Pixar's films go. And, @twpk117, you're absolutely right: Even Pixar's worst movies are still great.

Nemo is an epic in the truly literary sense of the word, however Toy Story gets the nod for its simplicity and heart.

Toy Story is what started the whole Pixar generation! It wins.

Toy Story wins. But it took like 5 minutes staring at the screen before I could decide.

Charyou_tree has it exactly right, although I believe that Toy Story 3 may be the best. On the other hand (third hand) the original was a BRILLIANT idea.

Toy Story is better acted lmao. TS >FN

Pixar's best against its worst. The math does itself.

Toy Story, I've never been a fan of Finding Nemo.

Allow me to vote for Finding Nemo. Both are the best Pixar films.

Finding Nemo beats this Toy Story but most certainly not the two sequels

Sorry, allow me to "retort" Toy Story ftw!

Vegetarian sharks don't do much for me. "Toys are friends, not food." Unless it's a three year old kid; then it's all fair game.

Toy Story wins.

Toy Story for me, because it has more charm, and a better story.

I personally think the original Toy Story is the weakest of its trilogy (despite being damn good) and I think Nemo has just enough to top it. Against TS 2 and TS 3, it probably loses. Two of Pixar's best nevertheless.

Toy story.

Nemo is amazing, but Toy Story is on a different level. Not to badmouth Nemo, I mean, they're both in my top 20.

Toy Story. I don't have the same nostalgia with Finding Nemo. Even if I did, Toy Story would still win because I enjoy it a lot more.


Finding nemo ftw

Toy Story, still the best Pixar movie.

finding nemo is far more intense and funny.

Toy Story is my favorite Pixar film

love NEMO but Toy Story is in a different league!

Regardless of other's opinions, I find Nemo more exciting and overall better.

toy story it is but it is very close

Very close but I'm choosing Finding Nemo

Myself actually prefer Nemo. But, close.

Like all of Pixars films (except for the few pieces of shit), I absolutely loved Finding Nemo. Does it compare to Toy Story? Not even close. Toy Story's two characters have had more of an impact on me and others than Finding Nemo's characters have. From an objective standpoint Toy Story is much better as it's the first fully CGI movie, and the most influential. Toy Story is one of those timeless stories like E.T. and though Finding Nemo is fun, extremely fun indeed, it does not have that raw character drama Toy Story has (though the part with dory and marlin was). Buzz and Woody's character arcs in Toy Story are THE best in an animated film, ever. I don't want to shit on nemo, but I have to say that a huge chunk of the praise it gets is because of its visual splendor and the awe these visuals invoke from the mysteriousness of the ocean. In terms of story quality, Toy Story is far far superior, as it relies fully on its interaction and relationship between its characters. More clever scenarios and plot points also occur in TS while most of FN is Marlin and Dory swimming from point A to B with "just keep swimming" while Nemo hangs out in a tank learning about the way of life in the tank.

Finding Nemo!

No question, both of these movies are great but you need to think beyond that scope when rating this match up. Toy Story is by far the more compelling story. Nemo is a great stand alone film but it wont tear at your heartstrings like Toy Story can.

Both of these films are in my top favorite Pixar movies, they were both part of my childhood but Toy Story I can watch lots of times and I will never get tired of it!

This is the thing with best vs favourite. I personally believe Incredibles is the best Pixar film but Toy Story is certainly up there. That said, Finding Nemo is my favourite, so it gets my vote.

As stated above, Toy Story has a great plot and sheer emotional arcs. Nemo is hilarious, witty and creative but works because of the themes of family and facing our fears but in terms of plot, it is rather simple and straightforward. This is the bad part of comparing two movies side by side because having a simplistic plot is NOT always a bad thing. If it works in terms of context and has deeper themes going on whether its in the foreground or background, a simple plot can be needed. But, I will take a plot with twists and turns with a lot going on over a plot which essentially is just "going from point A to point B with obstacles in the way". Toy Story wins!

Nemo is more emotional and great, it is funny, and a good parenting movie. Nemo wins

Nemo is more emotional and great, it is funny, and a good parenting movie. Nemo wins

nemo wins, gorgeous animation and care of a child.

TS by far, nemo is overrated

Toy Story is more entertaining and funny, and has better characters. Finding Nemo is more emotional and complex. These movies are really close for me, but I think Finding Nemo edges out Toy Story. Toy Story is easily one of the most overrated animated movies out there. It's surpassed by both of its sequels, and several stronger Pixar films. It's great, but not as poignant as later Pixar movies. Finding Nemo is one of Pixar's weaker films of the 2000s, but that's mainly due to how high quality the studio was that decade. It's very easy to see why people prefer Toy Story, but I think that Finding Nemo's emotional complexity and stronger message make it a better film.

Both are great, but toy story is the better movie

Like what Kram12 said, Nemo is more emotional and great.