Toy Story vs. Shrek



These are two monster animated films.... I have to say Toy Story edges out Shrek by a nose.

Shrek is great, no doubt, but Toy Story is much better

Only one of these was revolutionary. Toy Story. Though Shrek was brilliant in its own right.

The Toy Story franchise has maintained its charm, whereas Shrek has fast become lackluster.

Shrek for me

Toy Story only lasts within a certain age group, whereas Shrek is an animated series that appeals to everyone. It also took the aspect of fairy tales and made it something more. Although this is not my favorite of the Shrek series, I will still choose it over Toy Story.

Toy Story is timeless... Shrek? well, we'll see about that. It's Buzz, Woody and the gang for me

w00t, almost identical posters are almost identical

I personally think all of the Shrek movies are overrated. The first Shrek is okay, but compared to Toy Story, it isn't much more than just another average animated movie.

The battle of nostalgia supremacy. My two favourite animations as a kid, Toy Story is much better though.

Both great animated films, but no animated movies beat Toy Story...except TS2 and TS3.

Disney always beats Dreamworks :D

Toy Story of course

Toy Story wins here.

Toy Story. No contest.

Toy Story for me the characters are more likable and even though it was made earlier the animation is great for what it is....and the humor is kinda weaker in shrek in my opinion

Toy Story by a hair...

Toys Stories.

Toy Story still Pixars best .

Toy Story is on another level honestly.

Shrek is my favorite animated film. No other animated movie has had the same lasting impact on me. I may be in the minority here; but I prefer Shrek by a long shot.

Toy Story is one of the worst animated movies ever. Shrek is one of the best animated movies ever.

I've loved both of these movies since I was a kid. Both are incredible but Toy Story is the winner.

the two best animated films of the last 20 years for my 107000th ranking and Toy Story wins

Toy Story is one of my favorite movies ever, cry when it, laugh hysterically as well. Tom Hanks and Tim Allen are one of the greatest duos ever, they couldn't have picked better choices for Buzz and Woody. One of the greatest lines ever, "You are a strange, sad little man." Shrek is another that really didn't do it for me. Myers and Murphy? Okay I suppose.

Sad and strange, switched sorry, the excited ADD kicks in when I'm doing this. Wizard, wow, um you are just, ugh, unfathomable what you said.

Shrek is great, but this is Toy Story all the way

Ogers are like onions and have layers which Toy Story doesn't have.


Shrek is forgettable and (largely) forgotten. Toy Story isn't perfect, but it's an easy winner.

Toy Story franchise is far complete than the one did in Shrek franchise that didn't complete okay.


A man needs his Toys.

Toy Story will always get my vote

My 2 favourite animated movies. Shrek is a very hunourous and joyful play on a simple story but I'm going with Toy Story!

Toy Story is infinitely better than Shrek

I love both to near death but I'll go with Toy Story for the win!

Toy Story annihilates Shrek.

I think this one is easy

god i love shrek

Toy Story is better, no competition.

i'd take shrek over TS3 which is my fav of the TS series

Both of these movie are good but toy story takes it for me because it changed 3d animation also has a good plot, Shrek is also good but Shrek won't beat toy story for me toy story is just a amazing film so toy story has my vote

Both of these movie are good but toy story takes it for me because it changed 3d animation also has a good plot, Shrek is also good but Shrek won't beat toy story for me toy story is just a amazing film so toy story has my vote

I genuinely think Shrek beats Toy Story at a lot of things. It's funnier, more emotional, has a better message, has a better villain, and has better characters. Woody is just an asshole who learns to not be jealous. Shrek is a recluse who, despite having convinced himself that he is happy being hated, realizes that friendship and love are the greatest treasures of all. I unironically think that Shrek has more emotional depth than Toy Story does. Either way, both of these movies are topped by their sequels.

Shrek is great but toy story is better. Congratulations Pixar. Sorry dreamworks.

WOW! I can't believe so many of you picked toy story! Shrek is SOO UNFATHOMABLY VASTLY SUPERIOR!!! toy story is one of the most overrated movies ever! I hate the fact that so many people love toy story! Even tho it's AWFUL! it's shrek by miles!