X2 vs. Spider-Man 2




Spidey 2 all the way!

X-Men over Spider Man. Always.

I gotta agree with MateoU2. Especially the second installments. X2 over Spidey 2 any day of the week.

The right answer is that any Spider-man will be better than any X-men movie. Always. Forever. Period. .

This is tough. They're both the best movies in their respective franchises and, along with Iron Man, the best Marvel movies to date. But I think I have to give X2 the edge....

Spider-Man? No way will that outdo X-Men for me! Keep in mind, people, that X2 has Ian McKellen!


"X2" is the best of the "X-Men" franchise, and an excellent sequel. I absolutely HATED "Spidey 2": half the movie was P.Parker moping like Owen Wilson in "Wedding Crashers." No contest.

Wow, the battle of two of the best comic sequels.

Both fantastic sequels sure, but X2 has a certian special quality to it and everyone in the cast is excellent. Not sure I can say the same for Spider-Man so it loses....

Talking only Superhero movies this battle is My no. 1 vs My No. 2 I'll go with my no. 1 of course... X2: X-men United.

Spider-Man 2 is such a great film, that even the black hole of acting talent that is Kirsten Dunst can't stop it from beating the X-Men.

My three favorite comic book films are all sequels (with Iron Man definitely vying for a spot). The Dark Knight slaughters both of these, but it's not their fault. Also not their fault that their threequels both have major issues. As a Trekkie and a Lord of the Rings fan, I love Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. Maybe that's why I prefer X2....


Among the best superhero movies. X2 is a little better, imo. It has a great cast, plot,and some serious memorable moments.

Two amazing sequels that both surpassed their originals. Tough choice, but Spider-Man 2 wins out. Definitely the best "pure" superhero film.


Spider-man 2 was an excellent sequel and easily wins here.,

Spider-man 2 was way, WAY better than both its predecessor and any of the X-Men movies. I honestly have no idea what anyone is talking about when they say that X2 was "more memorable", since I cannot remember a single thing from that movie other than the groan-worthy scene where one of the mutant's mom equates being a mutant with being gay. That, and the annoying she-wolverine character. SPIDER-MAN 2 FTW.

None of the X-Men movies have been good. First Class is the first one that approaches some of the complexity of the comic. Spidey 2 captured the essence of Peter Parker perfectly and is still my favorite comic book movie. Sorry Dark Knight.


X2 was good enough. Never impressed with any of the Spider Man movies....

Spider-Man 2 is the better of the three Spidey flicks in my opinion. Great story, great villain, and no wasted time. It wins.

X2 wasn't flawless, but it definitely had the better script and overall performances. Tobey never really resonated with me as Spiderman. So, X2 for Marvel's best sequel film.

Sorry Peter, go back to your room.

Spider-man II it is.I hate X-Men.

Spider-Man 2 had it's share of corny moments, but X2 just never really stuck out to me. It was sort of..., forgettable. So Spidey wins.

X2 is amazing and has my favorite character Wolverine so I vote for it

Spiderman 2 without a doubt. I loved the dark, dismal world view in X1, but it got tiresome in this one.

.Spiderman 2 is better then 1and 3 and it;s a pretty good film over all.But like x2 a little better.

Old school greatness here. I'm glad Singer's X-Men kept the school in session whereas Raimi was three and out.

I say X2 is better

spider 2

X2 definitleyy

Both are certainly in my top 10 superhero films, and they're both sequels that improve on the concepts and ideas of their predecessors. However, quality-wise, X2 is the winner.

and x-2 wins

Both are groundbreaking sequels but I've always preferred Spider-Man 2.

I didn't respond nearly as favorably to either of these as most viewers did. I was underwhelmed by X2, where I was actually annoyed by SPIDER-MAN 2. Underwhelmed > annoyed.

Two great Marvel movies that succeeds over the first I'm going with Spider Man 2

Both have terrible number 3s they have a lot in common

X2 is excellent film, but Spider Man 2 is high quality

X2 is a very good movie, but Spider-Man 2 is up there with my favorite superhero movies.

Spider against X

Two of my favorite Marvel movies (along with Winter Soldier). X2 had more going on plotwise, and was especially impressive in that it never became bloated or convoluted. But I felt Spidermna-2 had more going on under the surface, and definitely more heart. I'm going Spidey this time.

Spiderman 2

Spidey Wins

Spider-Man 2 is the best sequel of all, X2 is overrated certainly very far weaker film ever.

Man I was kind of an idiot back in 2012. Spider-Man 2 is a masterpiece and X2 is easily the best (and most memorable) X-Men film. So I still prefer Spidey but for completely different reasons.

I wonder where comic book movies would be today without these two... anyway, Spider-Man 2 is practically the perfect sequel and wins here!

Both the best movies in there trilogies, but Spider-Man 2 had an amazing cast.

Spider-Man 2 by far, no question. Aged much better than X2

I’m going for X2, although Spider-Man 2 is far superior to the other entries in the trilogy. It still hasn’t aged well in some parts

spider-man 2 is much better than x-men 2

X2 by a hair for me too

Both are once considered the best superhero movies, and both have aged significant well compared to the other films in their trilogies, but I have always liked the original X-Men trilogy more than the Raimi trilogy. X2 wins overall but it’s close since Spider-Man 2 has a better villain

I never got the SM2 hype. In fact, I'd put it multiple leagues behind the top CBMs and on par with flicks such as Age of Ultron.

Spider-Man 2 on par with Age of Ultron??? That's just disrespectful. Spider-Man 2 is better than any MCU movie, even Winter Soldier which I loved. As for this matchup, I'm taking Spider-Man 2, both are fantastic sequels that surpasses the original and also much better than any MCU movie and most modern movie released nowadays.