X2 vs. Spider-Man



X2 used to be in my Top 5 comic superhero movies, but X3 pretty much scarred the series for me. So X2 might win another day after I revisit it, but today it's Spider-Man. Plus, the Spider-Man origin story is the best.

X3 ruined X-Men for you, but Spider-Man 3 didn't ruin Spidey for you? X3 is not very good, but Spidey 3 is worse. Anyway, this isn't about the third installments. X2 is better than the first Spider-Man.


I agree with JohnMason. X-3 remains one of my top 5 favorite superhero movies.

Hmmm. X2 still blurs into the X-franchise for me. As movies, they're not distinct enough. Spider-man ain't great, but it was a good reinvention. I think Spidey takes it. Maybe X2 will get better once I remember exactly what happened in it.

X2 was by far the more intelligent film.

You could tell that X2 was going somewhere with its story. the third film ruined the series, but this was a pretty good sequel. Spiderman will always be a wimpy film. It didn't push any boundaries but was among the few films to help usher in a wave of complete hogwash superhero films such as ironman thor hulk captian america daredevil and x men first class. X2 wins here IMO.

I wouldn't call the wave of superhero movies all hogwash, but I do think that the Marvel movies are slightly overrated. Spider-Man was never able to really break out of the confines of the standard origin story formula even though it has some of the best written characters in the Marvel cannon. That doesn't make it a bad film, but it doesn't make it a very memorable one either. X-2 is a big step in the right direction. The first X-Men film was also a fairly standard set-up film, but X-2 stands on its own outside of the franchise. It's got a clearer story, a deeper understanding of its characters and their relationships with each other, and stronger action scenes.

THE two movies that made the genre great and what it is today. Still love them both.

X2 beats Spider-Man 2, so it easily beats the first Spider-Man

x2 is good, spiderman is great

X2 >= SM2 >> SM1 >>> X1

X2 but i enjoyed Spider-Man aswell. Singer's movie has aged better and has stronger performances overall so it gets my vote

Spider-Man is among greatest, X2 is very overrated