X2 vs. Star Wars



Yes, folks, I choose the X-Men over the original Star Wars.


I too choose X-2 over Star Wars.

You're all crazy that chose X2 over Star Wars. X2 is great, no doubt, but despite the destruction Lucas has unleashed upon those films, the original Star Wars just can't be topped here.

wow this is hard. i gotta be honest with myself here and choose X2. It's just better.

I'd choose Empire Strikes Back over X2 but not this one.

Damn, a lot of love for X2 here. I myself don't care all that much for the X-Men films (except First Class) so this is a very easy win for Star Wars.

LOL, Star Wars, X2 was fine, but its fucking star wars

X2 is my favorite X-men film, and i think that Star Wars is a tad bit overrated, still i think Star Wars is a bit better

I'm giving X2 it's 4th win. I would never have imagined this.

X2 is the better film. Star Wars is a bit overrated

Star Wars, no doubt...

Why do I get the sick feeling that Disney is going to ruin X-Men even worse than they ruined Star Wars?

well i loved x2 but the winner is star wars without a doubt