Die Hard With a Vengeance vs. Die Hard



The first is by far the best.

The second one is the only one that even comes close to the first.

I love the third one saw it in the theater and it was a great summer movie experience, however the first movie always sets the standard and is almost always better than any of its sequels.

The original Die Hard is quite possibly the best action film ever made, the others in the series don't really stand much of a chance.

Part 3 cannot really compete with the first one.

The third Die Hard movie was awesome! One of the best action movies out there! But it could not compete with the first movie which is THE BEST action movie ever!

Die Hard With a Vengeance is definitely the best sequel, but it can't beat the original.

Honestly, I slightly prefer Vengeance. Samuel L. Jackson is the difference maker.

Die Hard smashes Vengeance. Not even close.

Die Hard, but the third is the best of the sequels. But nothing beats the original.

The best 2 movies in the franchise! I'll go with the classic Die Hard!

Well...yeah. I'm a sucker for films where characters run from telephone booth to telephone booth to get cryptic clues from a villain. Die Hard consists of too much walkie-talkie nothingness. With a Vengeance has Bruce Willis teaming up with Samuel L. Jackson. C'mon, this is easy.

Swinny said it best. The two best in the series for sure. Original wins.

The original for sure. Though Vengeance is certainly the second best of the franchise.

With a Vengeance was good, but isn't a Die Hard movie at all. It's kind of a action filled Scream 2. Anyways, Die Hard is the best of the franchise.

I thought Die Hard 3 had better action scenes. But Die Hard is just slightly better.

Die Hard is a better movie, but I really like the dynamic between Samuel L Jackson and Bruce Willis, and I like the buddy cop feel. Love them both, Die Hard is better.

The original wins but it's very close, both pales in comparison to Die Hard 2.

I gotta take the one with Samuel L for me and it's not even close. JK, it's very close.

Die Hard is the best of the franchise for me. Not even close