Die Another Day vs. Never Say Never Again



"Die Another Day" for the sole reason that "Never Say Never Again" doesn't count.

Screw MGM. Never Say Never Again totally counts...in all its Connery badassery!

Two worst Bond films right here. Never Say Never Again is quite a bit better though, neither is good in my opinion.

Die Another Day might be the Batman & Robin of the Bond films, but it does have its highlights and overall, it's not boring. Never Say Never Again does have its smirkworthy moments, but it's just boring and forgettable. Neither is candidate for the worst Bond film, although believe me, both are more than just pretty bad. I guess I'll go with Die Another Day based solely on entertainment value.

Never Say Never Again.

I'm an apologist for both of these. Klaus Maria Brandauer was captivating as Largo in NSNA, and Connery's performance showed some character depth missing from his earlier Bond flicks. DIE ANOTHER DAY is terrific right up until the introduction of the Aston Martin "Vanish". It's a mixed bag afterward. I could go either way here depending on my mood. This time through favors DIE ANOTHER DAY.

Never Say Never Again

Never Say Never Again is not only underrated, it actually does feel like your average Bond film, it's a good movie and I choose that.