Die Another Day vs. Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace



Disgusting. Both films were major disappointments when they came out (not at the box office, though), and neither of these two has aged well. I'll probably go with Die Another Day because I can watch this again without wincing in pain, but both movies are a disgrace to their respective franchise.

I still maintain that the first half of "Die Another Day" is one of the best Bond movies ever made. Unfortunately, the second half is a mediocre video game. I'm going with "The Phantom Menace" here, because most of the problems I have with it come down to it not being the movie I thought it was going to be. Liam Neeson was interesting as Qui-Gon Jinn, and the lightsaber duels are great.

Both hurt quite a bit because they are terrible entries to great franchises. The pain of DAD is less though because I love Star Wars more than James Bond.

Easily Bond. It's better in every way.

My second least favourite Bond vs my second least favourite Star Wars. Both are major disappointments and I wish they could be erased from the canon. Where do I begin? The Phantom Menace is soulless, bland, poorly written and lacks some of that Star Wars magic. Die Another Day is a cartoon with terrible CGI, idiotic moments, flat characters and it's just a downer to watch. This is coming from someone who LOVED The World Is Not Enough, DAD just isn't Bond or fun like how Phantom Menace isn't Star Wars or fun. Both are dated and video game-like. I guess The Phantom Menace but they're both losers in my book! Let's just be grateful that 4 years after DAD we got the excellent Casino Royale and 16 years after TPM, soul and magic returned to Star Wars with The Force Awakens!

Phantom Meance has Duel of the Fates and John Williams so it wins...