Die Another Day vs. Batman & Robin



You've got to be shitting me. The worst versus the worst. I'm going with Batman and Robin because it's more enjoyably bad. But that's still no excuse.

"Die Another Day" is actually half of a really good Bond movie; unfortunately, it turns into a mediocre video game. "Batman & Robin" doesn't fluctuate in quality, but I'm going with Bond here.

Nipples. On the batsuit. That is all.

I'm not too keen on picking a winner between these two embarrassments to their franchises, but I'm gonna go Die Another Day which, for about 20-30 minutes, had me thinking I was watching a really good Bond movie. Then the rest of the film happened, but it's still better than Batman & Robin.

They're not the worst movies I've ever seen and they certainly aren't the most dreadful to sit through, but they're still really bad. I guess I'll give Batman & Robin the win for being laughably bad at times.

On the other hand, like people pointed out, the first 20 to 25 minutes of Die Another Day are actually kind of decent, whereas in Batman & Robin there is nothing genuinely decent to be found. Egh. Die Another Day it is then, but I couldn't care less.


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The worst Bond movie is better then the worst Batman movie.

Having watched a lot of Batman 66, I think Ive grown a new understanding of Batman Forever and Batman and Robin.

Both are awful and for pretty similar reasons. Batman And Robin is just terrible. One of the worst films ever made! Batman Forever is enjoyably bad-ish but everything in B&R is just bad. Die Another Day at least has some cool action and the production design doesn’t look as shoddy and crappy as Batman's! The second worst Bond (Quantum Of Solace is even more unbearable than Die Another Day)>The worst Batman!