Die Another Day vs. Casino Royale



The best Bond vs the worst Bond. The franchise was going downhill fast. Thank you Daniel Craig.

Worst bond? Brosnan's a great James Bond. Even though I believe he's a better Bond than Daniel Craig I have to say Casino Royale is the better movie.


Casino Royale is way cooler and more exciting than Die Another Day.

Hey! It's The Bond Identity vs. Moonraker 2!

Even Halle Berry's homage to Dr. No couldn't sway me on this one...

casino royale, gotta say...

Overrated vs Underrated. Give me the final whimper of the classic Bond era over the cynical reboot, even if the latter is technically the better film.

Thank God for the reboot...prequel...preboot.

It is amazing that they were able to follow the worst film in the franchise with possibly the best.

Nah, Die Another Day isn't the worst movie of the franchise. Actually, the first half of it is pretty good (it's only in the second half where it decides to go full retard). Still, Casino Royale took this franchise to heights of quality it had never seen before. Easy choice...

There are things I outright love about DIE ANOTHER DAY, and I've recently revised it in my standings to be third in the Brosnan era...but it's only half the film CASINO ROYALE is.

Die Another Day is far from the worst. I'd rather watch that than Quantum of Solace. But yes Casino is number 1