Die Another Day vs. Quantum of Solace



Quantum may have been a lackluster sequel to Casino Royale, but it is vastly superior to the bloated, over-the-top Die Another Day.

I second that Mr. Klan. But my top Glamorized Spy Film is Spy Kids so do I really have any room to talk?

No brain-er, Quantum.

Quantum of Solace is a huge bag of shit, Brosnan kicks ass.

Die Another Day is Brosnan's worst, and that's saying a lot. Quantum but a ton.

The first half of "Die Another Day" is actually great. Then, Bond gets back to the U.K. and the movie becomes a video game. "Quantum" is under-appreciated, I think. It did a great job of capturing the fast & furious pace of Ian Fleming's original novels, and the villain's operation (trying to control the supply of water under the disguise of an eco-warrior) is not only timely, but also in keeping with some of Fleming's original creations.

Brosnan is amazing in all of his Bond finds. Daniel Craig is shitty. Yes, Quantum had a nice plot and yes it was exciting. But no matter which way you look at it all of Craig's Bond films are going to be lesser than Brosnan's. Die Another Day wins in a LANDSLIDE!!!!

Quantum was great...so was Die Another Day but I'm going Die Another Day

Quantum isn't great by any means, but it's a helluva lot better that Die Another Day.

Die Another Day vs. Another Way To Die. Quantum didn't have Halle Berry, so I guess that's an autowin. Doesn't mean it's good, because it isn't, but Die Another Day is mostly cringeworthy whereas Quantum of Solace is mostly confusing.

Bronson was the better Bond but it's too bad the writing always sucked.

Die Another Day is hilariously awful, while Quantum of Solace is painfully dull. Im going with the fun one