Die Another Day vs. A View to a Kill



Oh dear god. Two of the absolute worst. Die Another Day, is nearly the Batman and Robin of the franchise (hey, it even pushed them to rebooting the thing like they did with Batman). A View to a Kill is a little more pathetic though even if Walken gives it some camp value.

Die Another Day IS the Bond Franchise's Batman & Robin. Like Batman & Robin, it killed its franchise, it was followed by a reboot, it had a fuckin' lot to do with ice, the cheese factor is pushed to 11, and the heroes both have an annoying sidekick (Robin / Halle "yo mama" Berry). But it does have some legitimately entertaining bits. The car chase was pretty awesome, and the pre-title sequence was decent. But the theme song is TERRIBLE. A View to a Kill on the other hand has a pretty good theme song. Although it does suffer from something that I think a lot of the Moore Bond films have: it's too goddamn boring. That, and Roger Moore trying to seduce women at the age of 58(!) is just too creepy. Don't get me wrong, I like Moore a lot in the role, but the age problem really shows here. And Christopher Walken as the villain is not NEARLY as entertaining as it sounds. Die Another Day for the win.

And to think they were contemplating spinning off a movie featuring Jinx. Both suck...

Interestingly, this is my favourite vs. my least favourite Bond film (well, QoS is in the run for that, too). I just love A View to a Kill; it has an awesome score, a great villain, a somewhat believable plot and my favourite Bond, Roger Moore. And I don't particularly care about his age (haven't seen the film on Blu-ray yet, though). Die Another Day is just silly (and not in a good way), but what hurts it most is the mediocre action combined with a very weak villain and arguably the worst theme song in the entire franchise.

A View to a Kill is so much better that it's not even funny. Hell, I'd even take Tanya Roberts over Halle Berry and that's saying something.

Dissenting here; I'm going with DIE ANOTHER DAY. There are some solid elements to it: Bond as prisoner (explaining away his whereabouts on 9/11), everything in Cuba, the ice palace set, that amazing sword fight, Rosamund Pike as Miranda Frost. I can't name that many things I love about A VIEW TO A KILL. In fact, I can only name two: the music, and Patrick Macnee.

Die Another Day is at 57% on RT... Hm, worst Bond films. I prefer Die Another Day, the 22

Oh man, this is really tough. The worst of the Classic Bond against the worst of the rebooted 90s Bond...I can't even begin to decide which is more terrible. Right off the bat View's Bond song is by twenty miles better than Day's. Infact...it's my favorite Bond song. So that's one plus for it. On the other-hand though...A View to A Kill is so bad it's nearly unwatchable. It's boring as hell, and stupid. Die Another Day has a modern smirk on it's face the whole time like "oh isn't James Bond so stupid?" Well yes, because you're making it stupid and you don't care. It's intolerable. Plus the ridiculous CGI, and stupid and uninteresting villain/plot. Don't get me wrong though, both have terrible villains, it's just at least Walken is fun to watch. The direction is probably better in View....but it's still really terrible. Ehhh I think I'll give it to Day because it's so laughably bad, and has a lot of cool-looking set pieces; completely over the top and stupid...but View is so bland and uninteresting, I can't even chuckle at it, since I'm completely bored out of my mind I can't pay attention to it. Also I'm biased towards things that are shot in a snowy landscape. Oh! And since these are Bond films, can't avoid getting a little misogynistic...Halle Berry may be god-awful as Jinx...but she's at least waaaaay hotter than Grace Jones. So if we're talking misogynistic reasons (and this is Bond after all...) than by a million it's Die Another Day.