Big vs. Blue Velvet



Big is family fun and Blue Velvet is definitely not.

thats true , plus I've always liked Big better.


Blue Velvet is not supposed to be fun. It exposes what is hidden despite all our efforts to candy coat suburbia as innocent. Big is a lot of fun but sometimes films have to reflect the deeper issues and ponder reality. Besides, Blue Velvet has an innocent side as well.

Big is actually more disturbing and screwed up than Blue Velvet because it's about a little kid in a man's body who has sex with an adult woman. What if they showed the kid having sex? The whole reason we don't want children having sex with adults is beacuse they aren't psychologically or physically mature enough. Does putting an immature mind in an adult body really make a difference? Seriously. Big is totally gross, and just all around stupid. Blue Velvet is superior in every way, and nowhere near as depraved.