Big vs. Cast Away



Two of the standouts in Hanks's filmography. I'm not big on "Cast Away," but I think it's a "better" movie than "Big." Decisions, decisions...

Cast Away is most definitely not a better film than Big. Comedy Hanks beats Drama Hanks always always always.

Comedy Hanks is generally better than drama Hanks, but this film is a film, regardless of the genre. Yeah, I loved Big as a kid, but as an adult it doesn't really stand the test of time.

Didn't like Big much... And Cast Away was pretty intense. Definitely Cast Away.

Almost a tie...but imma go with big

tom hanks really is great

Cast Away really didn't do anything for me at all, but it's probably one I should rewatch. Big was fun, but I think I would have appreciated it more if I saw it when I was a kid, it's still gotta be Big though.

"Only Tom Hanks can make someone cry with only a volleyball", Not really.

Cast Away but it was close

While Big is entertaining from start to finish, Cast Away is, in truth, one big advert for Fed Ex, a shameless exercise in product placement.