Silent Rage vs. Easy Rider



Easy Rider is about a couple of cocaine dealers, so I find it hard to view them as representing freedom. There's some good music, but I think that the value of the movie's message is qustionable. Silent Rage is kind of an odd action movie that doesn't really deal with the primary conflict until toward the end. Still, watching Chuck Norris kick ass is more rewarding in this case than watching a couple of drug dealers be portrayed as positive characters.

kingofpain captured my sentiments on the nail. i couldn't relate to anything in the movie. silent rage wasn't anything groundbreaking. matter of fact, to say it was anything more than a cheesy B movie is, frankly, really generous. with that being said, it kicked a LOT of behind. the end was unsatisfying to say the least, but the ride that got us there was anything but. silent rage takes the nod.