Doom vs. Silent Hill



Nice, a video game movie against another....silent hill is way better.

How bad is Doom? It even has The Rock, and it still gets blown out by an average Silent Hill...

Uhh... Can I just headbutt a railroad spike instead?

Video games movies need to stahp. Staph now.

^What about Wreck-it-Ralph? Eh? Eh?

No..... Maybe things will change with both Tom Hardy and Michael Fassbender going to be in video game movies. Now hopefully they will actually put decent scripts around them.

That statement makes me laugh. Please, they're just doing it for the money. Cha-ching!

I'm fully aware they are only doing it for the money. But a lot of them fail to make much money at all, and in fact kill a franchise. Now they have some decent actors in Hardy and Fassbender, that's one of the steps, they have to follow through with a decent script or it will be just a repeat of every other crap video game movie. Look, I'm an optimist, this dick film companies have to see the light some day, is it now, probably not, but I can hope they will build upon getting some decent actors for a potential shit movie.

You're not calling The Rock a great actor? Shame on you! Anyways, when I heard that The Fass is going to star in that Assassin's Creed adaptation, I thought "okay, maybe Hollywood will do something right with video game movies for once". It's not wrong to have hope, but I'm a pure pessimist when it comes to video game movies because of what they end up turning out to be. Hell, even a movie based off of a board game was utter shit. I just read that Tom Hardy will be Sam Fisher in the Splinter Cell adaptation. I have faith in both The Fass and Hardy, but the surrounding aspects of both of the films are not gonna turn out to be that great. Sorry to burst your bubble, bud.

Shame on you, it's Dwayne Johnson now. ;) Anyway, I think your right, but I really think they could triple the box office numbers if just shown a little care. Someone will do it one day and really show others what to do.

And if I read right, I think both are gonna be made for about $100 million each. I smell an overuse of CGI on the horizon.


Ha! I just noticed after all those comments that I haven't pick a winner in the matchup.......... Piece of shit Silent Hill wins.

Sorry, Rock.

I'll be honest I enjoyed Doom it's by far not a perfect movie but it was pretty fun it's definitely better than Silent Hill which was extremely boring as in Doom you get a lot of action I'm going Doom