Zodiac vs. No Country for Old Men



Two absolute masterpieces of 2007. One gets all the praise it deserves, the other is criminally underrated. No Country for now.

No Country for Old Men for now as well. I have the feeling Zodiac will grow on me.

Very close, but ultimately I have to go with No Country. If I had to rewatch one of them, it would be that one.

As much as I love Fincher, No Country has to take this.

Zodiac. It just squeaks by...


Multiple viewings actually made me like NCFOM more and Zodiac less.


Both are outstanding, but No Country has a slight advantage for being shorter.

I'm switching over to No Country.

Some of the best from 2007, but one is the best of 2007, and that would be No Country.

Probably No Country


No Country For Old Men is good but Zodiac is one of my all time favorites.

Jesus, between these two, There Will Be Blood, Ratatouille and Jesse James, 2007 was GEWD. But there are very small portions of No Country that did kinda bore me. But on the other hand I was constantly entertained throughout the entirety of Zodiac. But then again, No Country is more rewatchable and more memorable. Both of them are incredible and amazing, but ultimately, No Country is superior.

Two of the best films of 2007 (though Ratatouille is up there too). No Country for Old Men.

Zodiac. TWBB > Zodiac > No Country for the top 3 of 2007

No country for old man

Zodiac is great, but No Country is definitely better.


No Country for Old Men but Zodiac is no slouch.