Prisoners vs. Zodiac



Interesting. I couldn't help but think of the gripping investigation in Zodiac while watching Prisoners. I loved Prisoners, but Fincher's film has got to take it.

Going with Zodiac, although Prisoners is probably the best film I've seen so far this year.

This ^

Both are kind of similar in their tone, love both but Prisoners gets slight edge for me

For now, it's Prisoners.

@Boonmee, I thought the same thing while watching Prisoners, I'm not 100% sure which one I like better yet.

Prisoners for now. Love both but I found Prisoners to be a bit more engaging and thought provoking

both kept me on the edge, both have an incredible cast, I recently saw prisoners so it gets the win but both are gripping imo. I will rewatch Zodiac for the rematch

Boy...I loved Prisoners, but it doesn't top Zodiac yet...

To me, this is no contest whatsoever. Fincher absolutely dominates in direction, and Zodiac features a more seasoned cast. The unique build-up makes it one of the most iconic whodunits of our time.

These two films are matched completely for entertainment to me, they are both made very well and ask a lot of questions. Right now, I will say that Zodiac is better.

Gyllenhaal gives one of his best performances in Prisoners but as whole I like Zodiac more. Both films are fantastic.

Gyllenhaal is the man. Prisoners is great, but it's not quite on Zodiac's level.

Zodiac. I love them both but the fact that Zodiac was based on real events give it the edge for me.

Prisoners was a far more challenging and cerebral film. Zodiac honestly didn't have much to it beyond being a very thorough and detailed account of the true story.


loved prisoners but zodiac sat in my dvd player for quite a while.

I can see shades of Zodiac but the world in Prisoners reminded me more of Gone Girl and Dragon Tattoo, two great films in Fincher's filmography, but neither anywhere close to the level of Zodiac. Out of these four films only Zodiac, since it's based on real events, accepts this bitter fact: life is not a pulpy crime thriller. People aren't always saved in the nick of time, killers aren't always caught, some scars even time can't heal, and life wears on as usual.

Prisoners is fine but it doesn’t compare to the cold realism of Zodiac!

I actually enjoyed Prisoners more.

Prisoners is way better.

Prisoners is one of the best

Prisoners is insanely better lmao

Such a difficult match-up, both are expertly crafted, directed, and acted. Zodiac has the better main cast (Gyllenhaal, Downey, Ruffalo > Gyllenhaal, Jackman). Prisoners is probably more enjoyable and accessible but at the end I would say Zodiac's dark moments and detailed faithful story wins out.