Prisoners vs. Mud



Two amazing movies. I think I'll take Prisoners though.

Ya, Prisoners

Ya, Prisoners.

Mud was good, but not exactly the masterpiece a lot of critics made it out to be. Prisoners on the other hand deserves every bit of praise it gets.

I prefer Mud, but both are some of my favorites of 2013. One's an incredible thriller, and ones an incredible coming-of-age film.

Both are excellent movies, and while prisoners is a very well done thriller featuring amazing performances from almost every actor in the cast I have to go with Mud. It's Huckleberry Fin esque story draws the viewer in and the film is simply beautiful to look at. It also features the surprisingly electrifying performances from two child actors. It creates more emotion and is an overall more entertaining movie.

I liked Mud a lot, like a LOT. The performances from everyone impressed me, I was hooked by the story, and I already want to rewatch it when I can. That said, Prisoners is in my top 5 favorite films of the 2010s.