The Master vs. Punch-Drunk Love



Oh My God. Mind Blown. I will go with The Master for now though I really need to re-watch both. Even though I found it uneven, there was just so much in The Master that worked brilliantly.

I like PDL a lot, but The Master takes this one pretty easily for me.

They are both his most idiosyncratic and they both are his own films, more so than TWBB or Boogien Nights or Magnolia. I love both films but The Master takes it slightly.

The Master and it isn't even close. Punch Drunk Love is the worst of PTA's films, which is not to say it's not a great film but it's the most disappointing. The Master might be the most thought provoking (drama) film of the last ten years.


i really like PDL, but The Master is a great film. theres really no competition here

PDL Takes this for me - While the Master has BRILLIANT performances, PDL is much more of a complete movie.

Easily Punch-Drunk Love. Don't get me wrong, I fucking loved The Master, but it was a bit too vague, a bit too pretentious and a little empty. I didn't know what the movie was trying to say. Punch-Drunk Love wasn't (as) pretentious, and I simply liked it more. Adam Sandler is no Joaquin Phoenix and Philip Seamour Hoffman gives a better performance in The Master (but that's also because he has more screentime in that film), but something about Punch-Drunk Love just grabbed me. Again, I absolutely love both, but Punch-Drunk Love had the bigger impact on me.

I'll go with The Master, and quite easily.

The Master. Though I've only seen it once, and with PTA films, one viewing is not enough.

Both of these movies felt pretty similar. Obviously they're both PTA films but they had a main character with some sort of personality disorder and the way they were both shot in a wonderful fashion. I really adore both, but Punch-Drunk Love comes out as the winner for me.

Similar flowing and free rhythms (thanks Leslie Jones). Unique and interesting soundtracks (thanks Jon and Jonny). Angry and confused men (good job fellas). But The Master is the better film. PDL is a charming marvel still.

My top 5 from P.T. Anderson 1. Magnolia 2. There will be blood 3. Boogie nights 4./5. The Master 4./5. Punch-drunk love So they're tied with me. Both are very good films. Maybe Punch-drunk love

I didn't think the Master was that good, in fact I kinda thought it was bad. Punch-Drunk Love is also overrated but I'd say it's still an enjoyable move and much better than The Master.

Punch-Drunk Love.

The master is much better