The Master vs. Mulholland Dr.



Difficult one. Both are 21st century masterpieces that require multiple viewings. About equal in my book, but I will go with The Master for now.


both incredible, but The Master takes it

Mulholland Dr. was entertaining thought provoking and interesting, I can't say the same thing for The Master.

The Master is great but Mulholland Drive is infinitely much powerfull and the greatest film of the century

"The Master" is a brilliant film with stellar performances from both PSH and Phoenix. As for "Mulholland Dr.," it's like putting your feet in slippers without realizing the dog took a shit in them.

muholland drive always

Great match. The performances at the core of The Master elevate it for me, but just barely.

Both films stack their narratives with ambiguity and hidden depth, while treating the viewer to a memorably perplexing experience, brimming with unnerving beauty. The only difference being, Mulholland Drive needs a truck-load of incomprehensible shit to achieve that, as is typical of that fucker David Lynch; while The Master can do the same with a seemingly button-down style of storytelling.