The Master vs. Her



Both great Joaquin Phenix films and his latest ones I thought he stood out best in The Master and I think her is very original hmm man this is very very close for now I'll choose Her

can't decide (maybe Her)

Both offer excellent performances from Joaquin Phoenix. I enjoyed The Master quite a bit but not nearly as much as Her.

I mean great cinematography and great actors don't make much of a movie if you don't have a good story. That is where Master looses me.

I loved almost everything about Her. It was very atmospheric and pulled me in from the get go. I was invested until the last frame. I just wasn't crazy about the ending. It felt underwhelming. Maybe that was the point and perhaps it will click for me on rewatch. But anyway, I thought it was a fantastic movie overall. The Master, only the other hand, just didn't grab me. All of the performances were phenomenal though. Her wins.