The Master vs. Django Unchained



Django wins this one.

The Master, but I'll admit...this is a dead heat.

The Master wins it, but Django isn't too far behind.

This is a clear win for The Master.

Love The Master... but it's not quite on the levels of Django.

Easily, easily The Master, which laps Django numerous numerous times and manages to take a movie with a much slowerpace have a much better third act that doesn't seem to carry suitcase upon suitcase of clunk with it wherever it goes, unlike Tarantino's potential-wasting western.

The Master by far

As much as I love PTA he can't compete with QT.

Django, take a bow.

Hard, by I think i go with Django

Although to a certain extent, I think both are overrated, I would have to say Django is the better movie.

The Master was more mesmerizing.

The Master was the most boring,pretentious & pointless movie I have ever SEEN. As someone who considers Boogie Nights,Magnolia,Punch-Drunk Love & There Will Be Blood as his all time favs, I can confirm that The Master is basically the Emperor's New Clothes. Django Unchained was a masterpiece