The Master vs. Magnolia



Magnolia had some truly transcendent moments that The Master never quite reached.


Magnolia is Anderson on the rise, The Master is Anderson at the peak of his powers

I like the recent Paul Thomas Anderson films slightly more than Magnolia.

Paul Thomas Anderson is basically my favorite director, although he's not the best. The reason I say that is because I love every film he has made so far. The Master is a fantastic work of art, but Magnolia tugs at the heartstrings and is a more powerful experience, so it wins here.

PTA movies feel so obsessive (in a good way). Magnolia is beautifully tragic and challenging, and the master was unable to breach what Magnolia accomplished.

Magnolia. Everything PTA touches turns to gold. I'll never understand why people call Christopher Nolan the next Kubrick when he's closer to an intelligent Michael Bay but PTA doesn't get that much credit. PTA is my 3rd favorite director next to Scorsese and Kubrick and is one of the most original filmmakers of the last 25 years. P.S. Sorry about the ramble/rant but that really bothers me.

The Master in an easy win for me....

Anderson's movies are usually about people who live in emotional distress, and while The Master is an amazing accomplishment, Magnolia surpasses it.

The Master wins here. Magnolia, while very impressive is still PTA in his frantic youth, incredible ambition, doesn't entirely get there while The Master finds its own flow and sorrowful human element more effectively. Both great.

The Master takes a dip in the last act, and despite Magnolia being longer it keeps going throughout its runtime. Magnolia