No Time to Die vs. Dune



Both were fine movies, but for me Dune will live longer in the memory so it gets my vote here.

Enjoyed bond loved dune so dune gets my vote no contest

Dune destroys dipwad depressing dead Bond.

Bond was great and concluded Craig's series exceptionally, but Dune is more impressive with its spectacular production, epic scope, and far superior plot development.

I loved these two movies quite a lot, I think they both managed to be clever and entertaining in the same time, in their stories as well as in their directions. Yet I think Dune is a bit more thoughtful, as well as No Time To Die feels a bit more fun, to me. Within an inch of a dilemma, I pick No Time To Die.

Two best of the year? Could be. I love both, but I think Dune is the better film

Dune is an instant classic.


Dune has more on its plate and it's a cinematic feast.

I like Dune but No Time To Die is the best film of 2021.