Star Trek Into Darkness vs. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan



Star Trek Into Darkness obviously borrows heavily from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and, overall, I'd say it actually surpasses it fairly easily. Star Trek Into Darkness is just plain awesome.

*Spoiler alert for Spoiler* KKKKKKKHHHHHHH--*Spoiler*

Wrath of Kahn all the way. Into Darkness was fun but the last half hour was literally a ripoff of kahn i don't have anything against them using kahn again but at least do somthing differrent with him, and i don't think switching the kirk/spock roles qualifies as different.

I admit that it has been years since I've seen The Wrath of Kahn and I do remember that it was really good, but Into Darkness was fucking amazing.

I really wonder why the people responsible for Into Darkness thought it would be a good idea to ripoff, no, actually remake, parts of one of the best and most iconic movies of the franchise. Challenging The Wrath of Khan by partly copying it is pretty much a blueprint for failure. That said, Into Darkness still is a lot of fun, but some particular scenes and a severe lack of creativity prevent it from being great.

I loved Wrath of Khan but I simply prefer JJ's Star Trek universe and I loved all the Wrath of Khan references. It shouldn't be called a "rip off" imo because everything payed off perfectly.

Yeah, I thought it was more of an homage than a rip-off. I suppose it's just an "eye of the beholder" kind of thing.

some nice references but if I see one more lens flare I'll freakin' scream. Some serious space/time/physics issues ... can't wait to see the "Everything wrong with ST:ID in X minutes". It'll be lengthy. I agree with those commentors who ask why they had to "cover" such an iconic movie. Hollywood is largely bereft of ideas

Wrath of Kahn easily. Loved Into Darkness, but Ricardo Montel-Kahn is still #1

Into Darkness, but I haven't seen Wrath in a decade in a half....

just re-watched wrath of kahn, when i saw ITD i was very annoyed by the last 30 min after watching WoK again I am flat out furious, my god what a pointless waste they made and they were doing a decent job too.

into darkness was really good but you can't beat the wrath of khan .

Intp darkness was rally good but it wasnt original or heartfelt like KHAN was plus they needed way more Alice Eve in it Star Trek 2 1.0 wins

Into Darkness was a little more entertaining for me.


Into Darkness was a stupid remake.

Did anyone pick the remake over the original? If you did, are you sure you should be watching Star Trek?

Wrath of Khan is better by a factor of 1000