King Kong vs. Godzilla vs. Godzilla vs. Kong



Hey, something new actually beats the original. Go figure.

I actually slightly prefer the charm of the "original".

Most definitely the new one. I need to rewatch KKVG again before ranking it, but I do know with high certainty that it’s no-where near as good as the new one. Both are really fun though as they should. But GVK has better plot, characters, pacing and fights. No I won’t compare the special effects cause that’s so unfair. But I’d say this movie was definitely worth the wait. And finally a remake is better the the og like Jarvis said.

Godzilla vs. Kong (the new one) is much better of course, but both are silly cheesy fun.

mysticspoon why are you still here squaremaster left already, your obsession with him is no more

Both are enjoyable and a lot of fun. The original has good and cheesy battles, but I prefer the plot and fight scenes from Godzilla vs Kong. (Like IloveMovie243 said: it's not fair to compare the special effects, but in my opinion both films had great effects for the time that they were made

The newest one is far way better besides to that original one specially mechagodzilla is currently in the new one