The Room vs. The Happening



This is just awful.

hahahaha the hardest matchup ever.


The Room is is a very funny bad movie. The Happening is just bad.

Two of the best worst movies of all time. Marky Mark talks to a plastic tree! But The Room is hilarious from beginning to end

"What, no!" "Oh haaai, Mawk!" The Room is the most horrible piece of filth I've ever seen besides Troll 2, so it definitely wins here.

"It seems to me like you're the axpurt Mawk". The Room it is.

I haven't seen The Happening in years, but bad as it was, I doubt I would find it as bas as The Room if I watch it again.

Compared to The Room, the Happening is the Godfather

The Room is one of the greatest movies of all time, every minute is comedic gold. On the other hand, The Happening is fairly boring.


The Room is entertainingly bad. The Happening is BAD.

The Room just made me feel authentically bored. No fun, no jokes, just ennui and bad acting. Happening for me was more of a funny movie, unintentionally may it be. It's terrible and all, but I still laughed at some of it.