Nymphomaniac: Volume I vs. Nymphomaniac: Volume II



Impossible, can't have one without the other.

The second part was going to be better than the first until the last 90 seconds. It's close though.

@carayverson: My sentiments exactly.

The last 90 seconds seal the win for part deux.

Ummmmmmmmmm... yeah.

That ending... I can't even pathom that ending. I don't know if I should be mad or laughing. Anyway I'll go part 2 because at least it was original.

Vol. 1?...I guess...

I'm horny. Does that count for anything?

Personally, I found Volume II's detour to crime movie territory far more entertaining. Charlotte Gainsbourg also makes for a more engaging lead than Stacy Martin (attractive as she is). That ending is fucking terrible, but at least it made me laugh.


I will break the tie with volume 1....

It's hard to comprehend the two as separate from one another. I feel like it's easier to say whether certain chapters were better or worse rather than the individual films, but because of the unexpected ending of Volume II, Volume I will win this time.