Coonskin vs. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen



Coonskin, one of Ralph Bakshi's follow-up films to Fritz the Cat, was considered to be a highly controversial film both at the time of its release for its frank depiction of race in cinema, told as the story of a trio of friends, anthropomorphized, who rise through the ranks of organized crime. Many damned the film for its particular depiction of African-Americans with exaggerated stereotypical facial features. However, as many did not actually watch the film before condemning its visual appearance and theme, many did not catch the film for the indictment of such stereotyping on screen and attitudes still pervasive in Hollywood in the 1970's. Revenge of the Fallen was the ham-handed follow up to a surprisingly decently adapted version of the animated Transformers franchise of the 1980's. Gone with the sequel was any sense of compelling characterization and story, replaced instead with cheap laughs, surprisingly racially stereotypical dialogue, over-produced action scenes and mild PG-13 T&A. Add Philip Michael Thomas, Scatman Carothers (The voice of Jazz from the original Transformers series) and the great Barry White to a great concept and Coonskin takes an easy win.