The Wolf of Wall Street vs. The Departed



Between the hookers, the quaaludes, the dwarves, the cocaine, the orgies, and Jonah Hill masturbating, The Wolf of Wall Street manages to be entertaining for every minute of its three-hour running time. Still, The Departed is even more entertaining and, unlike The Wolf of Wall Street, it didn't have to throw in everything but the kitchen sink to make it happen.

The Departed is my favorite Scorsese film and I was comparing these two the entire time I was watching WOWS. Scorses was able to give this film the same effects that the departed did, and leo offers another great performance, the departed is still much better though.

The Wolf of Wall Street wins. The Departed is good, but not nearly as good as WOWS.

Wolf Of Wall Street

Departed for me. Wall Street was amazing, but I still prefer Departed slightly.

Leo is actually just as good if not better in Wolf, but damn The Departed should be considered by everyone as one of the best films that has ever graced a TV.

Wolf blew me away and I'd call it my second favorite of the Scorsese/DiCaprio films so far, but The Departed is my favorite and my second favorite Scorsese film overall.

The Departed thumps the Wolf...

There's only one one Scorsese film that can top The Departed in my book, and that's unfortunate for Wolf because it's not it.

The Departed, by far. And I really enjoyed The Wolf, but Scorsese's 2006 Best Picture wInner is just too good for it here.

Wolf was great, Departed was greater.

Both are great films for sure. The ending of Wall Street was a bit of a let down and I have nothing negative to say about Departed. So Departed wins.

The Wolf of Wall Street wins easily for me. I like The Departed for sure but at the same time I think it's one of Scorsese's more overrated pictures as unpopular of an opinion as that is.

The departed wins here though wolf has better performances

the wolf of ws

"The Departed" owns this matchup.

DiCaprio is better in Wolf (marginally), but The Departed is the better film.

the departed for me

The Departed is tense, tightly constructed, full of twists, and always purposefully moves the narrative forward, with danger and deception lurking at every corner. Wolf seems the exact opposite: overlong, repetitive, aimless -- struggling to keep the narrative interesting after one caricature on excess too many. As far as I'm concerned they're both remakes, and unfortunately for Wolf, I liked it better when it was called GoodFellas/Casino.

Over the years, The Wolf of Wall Street has grown to become one of my favorite films. I still love The Departed, but I think I have it losing this matchup now.