The Wolf of Wall Street vs. Django Unchained



Two films that deserve comparison for their exuberance and entertainment! The Wolf gets the edge with its amazing ensemble work.

I totally agree with you, man. Both films are not their respective directors' best, but they just exhibit so much entertainment that you just don't care, two great DiCaprio performances too! The Wolf of Wall Street is a more epic experience though.

Both films were released on Christmas Day one year apart. Both films star Leonardo DiCaprio (and Jonah Hill) and both films have a run time of close to 3 hours. Both also happen to be directed by two very well respected directors who both are among my absolute favorites (1st and 3rd to be exact). As far as DiCaprio's performance in both films I'm really not sure which is better. Both should have gotten him an Oscar. Despite their long run time's both films fly by very quickly and pack so much entertainment it almost not fair. I've got to give a slight edge to Django Unchained.

Wolf was simply more entertaining for me...

Oh and I forgot to mention that both caused a large amount of controversy.

Django for me. And yeah both of them did for sure, but I think Wolf caused slightly a bit more controversy. I honestly don't see why, I thought Scorsese told the story in a very effective manner.

The Wolf Of Wall Street by far for me. I consider Wolf Of Wall Street to be top tier Scorsese while Django Unchained was mid-tier Tarantino

I agree that Wolf of Wall Street is top-tier Scorsese, while I think that pretty much all of Tarantino is top-tier. I think TWOWS wins.

I absolutely love both films. Maybe it's just because it's new but I may have to say The Wolf of Wall Street right now. Time will tell.

Both are great films from their respective directors, although quite far from each director's best. They were also really enjoyable and feature an excellent Leonardo DiCaprio performance. This is actually a very close match up, but I'll go with The Wolf of Wall Street for now.

Any Tarantino film beats Wolf of Wall Street...

I take that back. Django wins for sure but both are terrific.

Both are incredible but I'm siding with Wolf.

Wall street wins easily far better movie

Wall street wins easily far better movie

Django wins this for me. Love them both though.

Django for sure. Both are fun, but way too long.

Calvin Candie is a better performance than Jordan Belfort

I can't chose Honestly