The Wolf of Wall Street vs. American Psycho



Both good black comedies. This is a tough call but I gotta go with the wackiest, American Psycho.

Both are fantastic and feature a couple of my favorite actors. If I could only watch one again it would probably be The Wolf of Wall Street.

Even a middling Bale performance shows a better understanding of the craft than whatever DiCaprio is supposed to be doing in his films. But up against Bale in American Psycho, where he is arguably at the peak of his powers? No chance man.

Looking at this match-up, I’m reminded of that American Psycho parody Margot Robbie did for Vogue a few years ago. It was amusing and all, but that’s the thing about Bale’s performance as Patrick Bateman – easy to imitate, impossible to replicate. Leo too was offered American Psycho but turned it down to preserve his post-Titanic teenage fanbase, and the rest is history. More than a decade later, he tried to correct his mistake by starring in his own satire on Wall Street depravity, but it lacked the wit, quotability, perennial relevance and – above all – the unforgettable darkness of Bale’s cautionary tale. Wolf of Wall Street looks puerile next to American Psycho, and Bale is the sun to the try-hard moon that is DiCraprio.


American Psycho for its brilliant wit and Bale is priceless.

American Psycho>The Wolf of Wall Street

Wolf Of Wall Street is one of Scorsese' best modern day films but I will still take American Psycho!

Wolf of wall street but i have enjoyed american psyco aswell.

Leonardo DiCaprio is such an astounding actor. Real men don't need anybody's help to reach their goals and dreams...So DiCaprio has surely reached his goals based on his talent only. Bale is such a dull, boring actor. Just look at his performance in The Dark Knight...It was torture. It made me hate the fact that i had ears. Awful batman voice that makes one cringe. DiCaprio has a talent that excites throughout...Unlike Bale...Who was unfathomably annoying in many of his roles. Bale should just act his level and not steal roles that could have belonged to more talented actors. An actor who is the opposite of a guy with castrated talent...Like Leo.

^ To be fair, though I consider Bale to be unquestionably the superior performer between the two, I have no loyalty towards either actor beyond their mastery (or lack thereof in Leo's case) of their respective crafts. Ultimately, they’re both spineless puppets of the Hollywood Freemason fraternity, so neither Bale nor Leo can quite be counted as “real men.” A real man would hazard everything he holds dear in life, and step forward to expose the deception Hollywood has been running for decades and decades.

This is actually super tough. Both were enthralling....

I mean... Let's be honest. American Psycho. COME ON!! It's on a complete whole another level. Bale's performance in that movie is one of the greatest, most nuanced, most intelligent, subtle and entertaining performances of all time. Bale is one of THE greatest actors of all time. DiCaprio on the other is just a mediocre actor with no acting intelligence, complexity or subtlety. He overacts, overcompensates and his performances are driven only by emotions and excessive intensity which are either a hit or miss. DiCaprio is just a try hard.