The Wolf of Wall Street vs. The Social Network



These Two movies are some of the best ever and will go down as top films of the decade-the Social Network is the more important film and is a must watch but I love Leo's performance in wall Street its so funny and intense this is hard but im going with Wolf of Wall Street.

The Wolf of Wall Street is quite good for about an hour or so, but then it just gets repetitive. It REALLY didn't need to be as long as it is. Overall, I see the movie as a missed opportunity (it could've been great). The Social Network, meanwhile, had pretty much everyone at the top of their games - from David Fincher on down. It's simply the better movie here...

I'll take the Network without a second thought...

I love The Social Network, but The Wolfof Wall Street, though an hour longer, is the more entertaining film for me. I honestly don't find it repetitive, it at least it doesn't bother me.

Wolf is just far more interesting to me.

Oh, and DiCaprio makes Eisenberg his bitch.

The Social Network absolutely perfects the portrayal of narcissistic jerks. It does it in a more subtle way than The Wolf of Wall Street, and the result is a more artistic and enjoyable approach to filmmaking.

Fincher > Scorsese

Social Network

Great match-up! I gotta go with Wall Street, here!

Definitely a great matchup. The Wolf of Wall Street has really won me over since I first saw it in theaters. I still have The Social Network winning this one by a razor-thin margin (by only one spot in my rankings, actually), but that could change over time. Both are so good.

Okay, after giving each of these movies a fresh viewing, I can say I favor The Social Network by a not-so-tiny margin. It's truly one of the great movies of the 2010s.

Wolf Of Wall Street comfortably. Much more fun and has better acting.


Wolf of Wall street it is.