The Wolf of Wall Street vs. Catch Me If You Can



Flickchart community, you disappoint me once again. No comments. NO COMMENTS. NO (zero, nada, none). COMMENTS (replies, posts, a thing containing of one or multiple sentences). You'd think that this was one of the most popolar matchup for both of these films, but nooooo. It's Leo vs. Leo, it's Spielberg vs. Scorsese, it's a guy wants to be like James Bond vs. a guy who wants to be like a Bond VILLAIN (Auric Goldfinger, anyone?), it's awesome music selection vs. awesome music selection, it's one charming exploitive con man who fucks models and is being chased by the FBI vs. another charming exploitive con man who fucks models and is being chased by the FBI, it's one ridiculously entertaining dramedy vs. another ridiculously entertaining dramedy...anyway, I enjoyed both immensely, but Catch Me if You Can is easily the better film. It's not nearly as overlong as TWoWS, it doesn't feel rough around the edges editing wise (the editing in TWoWS tends to feel rushed at times) and it doesn't feel as repetitive in its storytelling. But, seriously, no comments?. Flickchart community, you disappoint me.


Sorry for disappointing you Mystic! Anyways I love both of these. DiCaprio is fantastic in both (especially Wolf) and the rest of the cast do a stellar job in each as well. I like Scorsese better than Spielberg and this matchup is no exception. The Wolf of Wall Street wins.

Catch me use to impress me thought it was great then i saw greatness with Wolf of Wall Street it was amazing funny drama sexy insane still like catch Me if U Can But WOLF wins .

These kind of have similar plot lines. Dicaprio is a con and is getting tracked down by the cops or FBI. Both involve him stealing money from others. But Wolf is better. I love both equally but wolf wins the march.

Though the wolf of wall street has the better di caprio performance but i enjoy catch me if you can more

Wolf was funnier, albeit a bloated film.

Wolf of wall street is so much better. Spielberg makes boring movies, but catch is one if his best, still doesn't come close to wolf. Terence Winter is a great writer.

Tough call. Love both...Catch Me gets the coin flip....

Two fantastic post-2000 films by Scorsese and Spielberg retrospectively. If I had to choose, I will watch Wolf Of Wall Street again!

The show goes on (Wolf)


The Wolf of Wall Street has the edge for the win.

Two fantastic DiCaprio flicks. Catch Me If You Can for me