Mulholland Dr. vs. Catwoman



How much did I dislike Mulholland Dr.? I'm voting for Catwoman, that's how much.

I agree. I haven't even seen Catwoman (and probably never will because I couldn't care less), but it can't be worse than Mulholland Dr. Actually, I don't think there is any film as horrible as Mulholland Dr., is there? It's by far the worst movie I have ever seen, and I've seen a lot of bad stuff.

No no no no NO! Mulholland Dr. is no where near being the worst movie ever made. I love Mulholland Dr. I love it for the mood it creates, and how the whole movie feels like a nightmare that you'd have while you're still slightly aware that you're dreaming, I love it for its weirdness, I love how even in the calmer earlier moments there's always a feeling of something dark and sinister going on, I love it for its performances, for its music, for its bizzare look at Hollywood, for its little moments of black comedy. It's one of my all-time favorite movies, and I think it's Lynch's very best.

It would be fascinating to see some sort of chart that illustrates the process of how each person determines what a "good" and "bad" movie is. After years of watching movies and developing my own tastes and perspective, I can confidently state that Catwoman is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Factoring in all the stuff I like to see in a movie and all the stuff I'd rather not see, Mulholland Dr. comes out looking really good by comparison. Catwoman isn't even entertaining because of how awful it is. I mean, there's no exuberance behind any of it. Nothing to make me think, "This sucks, but it's still cool". Mulholland Dr. isn't a favorite or anything, but I'd give it as an example of what I enjoy about movies over Catwoman any day. (NOTE: I knew this Pakistani cab driver who called Catwoman a "Beautiful, beautiful film", and I'm fairly sure that he was serious. I wish I could've gotten his opinion on Mulholland Dr., because that really would've been a fascinating conversation.)

Here's how I Flickchart: I look at the two movies, and I say, "Which would I rather watch, right now?" In this case, the answer is neither, but somebody's going to force me to watch one. Let me be clear: Catwoman sucks. But I just could not wrap my head around Mulholland Dr. I didn't get it. Maybe I would if I watched it again, I don't know. But I'm not in a hurry to.

Oh, and let me add something else: I certainly wouldn't ever want to belittle anyone who DID like Mulholland Dr. I understand some people love it. That's all fine and dandy; I would want to listen to anybody trashing my favorite films. But that's one of the great things about movies: There's something out there for everyone. Mulholland Dr. didn't work for me, but I know that it does for many. To each their own.

Er...WOULDN'T want. Damn typos...

I agree that there's something for everyone, but when I see comments about certain movies being the "best" or "worst" I scratch my head a little bit. I don't even like Mulholland Dr. because I "get" it, so much as that I enjoy the mood and creepiness that it creates. But, man... I wanted to like Catwoman going in, but it just wasn't any fun. Anyway, I'm not judging anyone's tastes. I just never considered Mulholland Dr. to be the "worst" movie, particularly compared to Catwoman of all things. I think it is interesting how everyone arrives at their conclusions about movies, though. Just in general.

Well, obviously, I'm just stating my opinion here, so if I'm writing about the "worst" or "best" movie, that's not from an "objective" or general standpoint, but from my own point of view. And in my opinion, there is no movie worse than Mulholland Dr. No reason to get upset about that, though; I know there are a lot of people who really like this film, and while I can't really understand that, it's their opinion and I'm fine with it. Just like I think that Mulholland Dr. is utter nonsense (and not just because I didn't "get it", I loathed the atmosphere and found the directing to be terrible), and others should accept that as well. It's just an opinion.

I pass no judgment. I was surprised that Mulholland Dr. caused such strong reactions that two people commented on it without even seeing the opposing movie. I do think it's a bold assumption that Catwoman will be a better movie than Mulholland Dr., but it depends on how you look at it. Still, it's the not knowing for sure that would torment me... I almost want to rewatch Catwoman just to make sure.

"I was surprised that Mulholland Dr. caused such strong reactions that two people commented on it without even seeing the opposing movie." What an excellent point. And it does totally depend on how you look at it. For me, "better", in terms of a movie, is directly proportional to how much I can enjoy it. In terms of craft, I could probably concede that Mulholland Dr. is a "better" movie than Catwoman, but it left me with such a negative impression that I have absolutely no desire to see it again. I don't really want to watch Catwoman again, either, but if someone was going to make me watch one of these two movies, that'd be the one I'd pick. Sometimes, with two crappy movies, I might even choose the one that's shorter.


I have seen Catwoman and consider it one of the worst movies ever made. I really liked Mulholland Drive but I can understand why some might not like it. I have a harder time understanding how anyone likes Catwoman.

I just watched Mulholland Dr for the very first time last night and have it fresh on the mind. I don't think its a movie that you are really supposed to 'get'. I've read a lot about the film in the last few hours or so and just think it's a crazy dream movie that is totally up to the viewer to interpret. It's like Inception without all the exposition and explanation. If the dream world was kind of just allowed to run rampant with no Leonardo DiCaprio. And I don't hate Catwoman, either. It's mindless bad semi-fun.

First off, Catwoman is most assuredly one of the very worst movies ever made. Fuck it to the depths of damnation, kill its very soul with frozen goat shit and how the hell did they make a film with a half-naked Halle Berry so devoid of funliciousness? Neither (pronounced NY-ther) my penis nor my brain can approve of Catwoman and, well, that doesn't leave much else. I, like Sunday's version of Marvelboy888, saw Mulholland drive just a day ago... the most I've enjoyed a movie in some time. Let me point out that I'm well aware of Mulholland's critical acclaim but I try not to be driven by the bandwagon; I like to think I have my own tastes (though I'm not an insecure bitch either and I don't immediately despise what others adore for the sake of appearing different). Let me also state that I generally hate movies that POSE as profound or high-brow or expect accolades simply because they are surreal or bizarre (though, contrarily, I do enjoy conceit quite a bit). I thought Eraserhead was pretty fucking dull for instance. So... I finished watching Mulholland Drive and came to two easy and certain conclusions. 1) Naomi Watts is crazy talented. 2) David Lynch is crazy talented. He did two things to me with Mulholland that haven't happened for a time that's longer than my dick (Note: I am aware that the units of time and distance are only in consonance if we assume that speed is a universal constant). Firstly, he made me think for more than 10 mins; that rarely happens in life and basically never happens when I'm watching movies. Secondly, he made a maddeningly disjointed movie with no difinitive context and made me enjoy it for something OTHER than its mystery. The desire to know what was going on was intense but I enjoyed each individual scene for its own attraction. THAT takes serious skill when we're not talking about an action, gore or porno movie. WAIT! There's more. I have no desire to read up on Mulholland Drive in order to try and resolve the mystery (well, what little remains of it). I actually want to DIY this fucker. That makes this a solid fuckin' flick.

Mulholland Dr. without a second of doubt. In my opinion, Catwoman is garbage in every aspect and Mulholland Dr is a masterpiece

i dont care

This isn't even a comparison. Catwoman isn't even worthy of being compared to Mulholland Dr. Don't feed the trolls.

A 3 second frame -- any frame -- from Muholland Dr. is better than the whole 104 min. of Catwoman. That's how lopsided this matchup is.

You either love or hate Mulholland Drive, and I'm actually in the middle. Part of me doesn't know what to make of it, part of me thought it was really stupid and flawed in places, part of me understands how the puzzle pieces fit together but doesn't care. Ofcourse it's much better than Catwoman though, that's setting the bar extremely low.

Mullholland drive is repulsive. Catwoman was at least kind of funny in a bad way. Mullholland Dr is just trash

Mulholland Doctor.

Is this a joke?? Muholland is better than any DC film except the TDK



The one directed by lynch

This is disappointing as fuck...Mulholland Drive is definitely a pretty confusing movie, but it absolutely is better than Catwoman. In fact, I don't even think you should be on this discussion if you haven't seen one of the movies. Doesn't make sense to go in without a full scope of the two movies. Having said that, I think Mulholland Drive is objectively better. It doesn't even matter if you liked it or not. It's impossible for anyone to make even the slightest argument that Catwoman is even remotely better. Mulholland Drive is one of the best movies of our time imo, but that's just me.