Mulholland Dr. vs. Lost Highway



Uh, that's mean.

I've gotta give it to LOST HIGHWAY, for being more consistent and polished. MULHOLLAND DR. has incredible highlights, but a lot of the first half really drags and the production quality has that television feel. LOST HIGHWAY is one of the most accomplished works in cinema on a technical level, and the storytelling is just jaw-dropping.

Mulholland Dr. Although Robert Blake is super creepy.

Robert Blake scared the HELL outta me. But yeah, Lost Highway is not as great.


Mulholland Dr. doesn't seem as contrived as Lost Highway.

Storyline of Lost Highway was better, but Mulholland Drive came together at the end better, so Mulholland Drive, props to Robert Blake

Lost Highway all the way through. More challenging, darker, Lynchian, unsettling, better soundtrack and a spookass performance by Robert Blake.

Lost Highway got more tits in it....

I thought the world of Mulholland Dr. was more fleshed out. Also it's probably the more "accessible" of the two.

Yeah, I've been having a David Lynch marathon the last 24 hours. Inland Empire is up next. In spite of Mulholland Dr's television-like production values, it's actually Lost Highway that feels cheaper and trashier. True, LH may have been there first and it most definitely acted as an outline for Lynch's later films, but MD is still a better realized work of surrealist cinema. Great performances in both films.

Both of them started off fairly strong, but lost me along the way. Lost Highway lost me earlier on though, so this one goes to Mulholland Drive.


both are excellent, but mulholland dr is definitely my favorite lynch, if not his masterpiece

Lost Highway is the better film without a doubt. I love Mulholland Drive, but there's so much more to like in Lost Highway.