Mulholland Dr. vs. Requiem for a Dream



Oh, crap! I hated--let me repeat, HATED--both of these movies...! Maybe I'll vote for Requiem for a Dream. Even though it depressed the hell out of me, at least I think I actually understood what the f*ck was happening in it.

Two incredible movies most people would hate because it requires a (gasp!) brain. Really tough one here.

Gotta disagree with the Mason man. Even though I'm a cocky, superficial, pretentious narcissist that believes he is only one short step away from universal domination... I kinda have to disagree with Fleagle too. Requiem is a pretty straight-forward narrative and I suppose Mulholland is supposed to be enjoyed and experienced rather than understood. That being said, I've only seen MD the one time so I do plan to uncover its mysteries on my second viewing (whenever that may be). I'm stalling now. I don't whether to vote for Requiem's trippy brilliance and mournful score or Mulholland's trippy brilliance and sexy current. I will say that Naomi Watts is probably the most talented actress I've ever seen so maybe I should chalk one up for that.

Close, but Mulholland Dr. is the better film...slightly.

Really hard...Mulholland is sitting at 51 and Requiem is sitting at 53 on my flickchart. I don't really know what to go with. Both were mind blowing experiences...

I'm going to vote Mullholland Dr as I felt it had more to offer than Requiem's singular "drugs are bad" message.

love the very haunting and sexy mysterious Mulholland DR im not a genius but id say im smarter than most and since ive been around the film industry since birth and appreciate film makers like Lynch who take chances and are experimental and unique and original which is what movies should try and DO! Mulholland is one of my favorite films ever!

Lynch's best vs. Aronofsky's best. I choose Requiem, but it's super close

I found Mulholland more interesting despite being confused by it. Requiem was a weird but nesscary watch for me, especially as a younger individual. After I read an explanation (one of VERY many) I semi understood it's brilliance and will definitely rewatch it multiple times. Requiem is a one and done, perhaps I'll watch it when I get older but DR wins.