Mulholland Dr. vs. Eraserhead



Hmmmm. Should I vote for weird boring or mindfuck fun?

Mulholland Drive is the winner, because this took me 16 views ti understand it. I don't think anyone understands Eraserhead.

Oh no, they do. They do. Or so they say. I just choose to look at it as a movie about a guy who fears growing up and starting a family. I just call it a day and give up after that. Cleckley's spot-on about MD being mindfuck fun, though. I like to dissect a movie as much as the next guy, but I watch Lynch movies mostly for the same reasons I watch The Adventures of Pete & Pete - mindfuck fun.

I actually prefer Eraserhead, but I think the movies are both excellent.

Both films are very hard to follow. Mulholland Dr... less so. That's not the reason I'm siding with it though, but after a couple of viewings I've come to enjoy the film. It's probably my favourite Lynchian flick to date.

Hard to choose, but I go with Mulholland drive because is the greatest film ever made

Both masterpieces I respect tremendously. Eraserhead fills me with such dread that I rarely desire to revisit it, so I'll rate Mulholland Dr. higher—even if I should do the opposite for the same reason.

Mulholland Drive actually started out pretty good, but really lost me in the last 40 minutes. Eraserhead didn't work for at all though, so I'm definitely going with Mulholland Drive.

Mulholland Dr because it was way less creepy and disturbing.

Love both But I really Enjoy Mulholland Dr. more I can relate to it and its more Coherent as well.

both excellent, but i prefer mulholland dr.


Mulholland Drive is the easy choice here.

Both of these are in the upper echelon of movies that I hate. Mullholand drive actually had some kind of story, so I’ll begrudgingly pick it.

Big David Lynch fan and I love both these but it's quite comfortably "Mulholland Dr" that gets the vote for me. It has a number of my favourite scenes put to film: Winkie's Diner, the audition and Club Silencio to name the most obvious and every subsequent viewing I get lost in its world.

David Lynch is my favourite director and Mulholland Dr is his masterpiece.

y'all sstutpid

Eraserhead disgusts me...

both are great. people who hate eraserhead are losers.

Stanley Kubrick was hugely inspired by Eraserhead when on the making of The Shining so if you say Fuck Eraserhead, you say Fuck Kubrick, and well if that's your taste in cinema, it does not go very far.

Is this serious? Eraserhead is just a failed attempt to make a pretentious film, Mulholland Drive is one of the best films ever made.

Mulholland is way better, Eraserhead is garbage.