Friday the 13th: A New Beginning vs. Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers



For me the worst installments in both series but I always was a little more into the Friday the 13rh movies so A New Beginning wins but it still is a pretty bad flick.

I love both baby Danielle and the awesome Tommy Jarvis, but even his worst film is better than Halloween 5.

I'm gonna go with the movie where the main villain of the series is ACTUALLY the killer

I don't get the hate for Halloween 5. Danielle Harris was great and I overall enjoyed the film. By no means the worst in the series, that belongs to the disgrace called resurrection. My vote is for Halloween 5, even if I don't get who that dude at the end was.

Halloween 5. Hell, Jason wasn't even in A New Beginning. Terrible. You want half of my chocolate bar?

I'll be perfectly honest I think Friday the 13th part 5 is one of the best sequels in the Jason series but Halloween 5 to me is one of the worst sequels in the Michael Myers series going to have to take the best

Say what you want about Jason not being in Part 5, it's honestly not THAT bad. It's far away from being the worst in the series. No, it's not good, but to say that it's the worst simply because Jason isn't technically in it is a little absurd in my eyes. I have more of an issue with the film's Jason just killing random people while he clearly has motivations that doesn't involve these people, but whatever. It's better than Halloween 5, because that film is in fact so incompetently put together that it makes even the worst Friday the 13th film (Part 8 or the remake) look good in comparison. It's embarrassing to watch.

Friday the 13th A New Beginning wasn't at all good! Halloween 5 was pretty decent! not the worst at all!

Actually I kind of enjoy these non-iconic killer installments in both series. Anyways, I'm going to take Halloween 5 here, cuz I'm a lot more into Halloween movies other than F13 movies.