The Tree of Life vs. There Will Be Blood



ugh. 2 Modern day masterpieces.


Although I love the ambition of Malicks TTOL I didn't love it as much as I wanted to. TTWB on the other hand is my second favorite film of all time and for good reason. TTWB all the way!

the two best films of the 21st century sorry Terrence

The Tree of Life is an interesting film, if not a particularly entertaining one. I found There Will Be Blood to be a much more satisfying viewing experience.

After a second viewing of The Tree of Life I'll have to vote down There Will Be Blood. My two favorite films of the @1st century but The Tree of Life is just more meaningful.

I have to make my choice based on which one I could watch again. In this case, it would be There Will Be Blood. The Tree of Life is definitely a spectacle for the senses, like a piece of abstract art. However, character and story line are the elements that will have me watching a film over and over again and TWBB is much stronger in those areas.


I actually love ttof now, but I'm still with TWBB

There Will Be Blood, one of the few movies of the 21st century that automatically becomes a classic

There Will Be Blood still haunts me.

LOVE The Tree of Life, but Blood is way up there.

Malick's post-70's movies have such great potential, but need some serious re-editing.

This was a bit tough for me, but The Tree of Life wins for its sheer ambition and scope.

both are incredible, but the tree of life is in my top 20 right now

There Will Be Blood is higher on my list