Wonder Woman vs. Wind River



Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch with a dash of The Punisher beat the hell out of Wonder Woman in this case. Wind River may be movie of the year candidate.

Wind River has neo-western substance, but Wonder Woman gets the edge for more hope and being the first legitimately good superheroine movie

Wind River is a special movie. Wonder Woman was fine but the only thing really special about it was its box office.

Wonder Woman.

Wind River is definitely a better movie overall. WW was okay, good for a DC film but that's not saying much. Average movie goer will probably pick WW bc its more of a flashy blockbuster action type. While Wind River is real, gritty, suspenseful, and has an actual coherent storytelling narrative.

Wonder Woman was fun, and the best super hero film of 2017 I've seen so far, but Wind River is fantastic! A hard truth that keeps you captivated and makes you want to help right the wrongs.

I enjoyed Wonder Woman but Wind River was a much more riveting film

Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch for the win.