Sunshine vs. Moon



Two of my favorite science fiction films of the last five years. God, this is a hard one. Think I'm gonna go with SUNSHINE, but ask me again tomorrow.

Sunshine, with amazing visuals, actors and music, but a little too ambitious a plot that results in a less than satisfying ending. Moon, perfect in its simplicity. Two of the best science fiction films I've ever seen. An impossible choice..

Sunshine has an intense atmosphere, but I liked Moon better overall.

Loved the one-man show that was Sam Rockwell, but I loved Sunshine's ensemble even more and I'm a Boyle guy, so Sunshine it is.

I go Sunshine here. I didn't get all the love for Moon. I found it to be a bore.

I go Sunshine here. I didn't get all the love for Moon. I found it to be a bore.

Tough choice, I think Moon is slightly more original, but if both were on TV right now, I'd watch Sunshine...

As stated above, two of the best sci-fi's of the last few years. Really enjoyed Sunshine, excellent visuals and very creative at times. Unfortunately it falls apart in the third act. Moon has the better plot and of course Sam Rockwell, although Sunshine's Murphy did an excellent job as well. Moon it is for it's the more flawless of the two, and has been very high up my list for quite some time.


I really enjoyed Moon -- would even consider it great -- but Sunshine is so underappreciated; one of my favorite sci-fi films of all time.

I adore both, but I have a special place for Sunshine as my favourite Danny Boyle film. Sunshine wins

Didn't care for Moon. I might need to re-watch it. Sunshine is one of my favorite sci-fi's. Sunshine blazes Moon.

I gotta go with Moon here... but both are fantastic.

Sunshine was cooler for me.

Sunshine > Moon, but mostly because ensemble casts always do better than 1 actor. Even when it's Sam Rockwell.

Both are incredibly amazing and have great soundtracks!

Sunshine is better imo.

Moon or me!

HA! Eclipse it is! Moon over Sun.

Sunshine is victorious...

Ironic these two were paired up...I remember really enjoying the story and performance in Moon over Sunshine

Both are middle of the road films for me. I enjoyed the story a little more in Sunshine. More character development and interaction made for a better film.

Both great, but I'm going with Moon.