Sunshine vs. 28 Weeks Later



SUNSHINE is very underrated, in my opinion.

A Danny Boyle original clearly beats a Danny Boyle-less sequel, plus Sunshine was ace

Sunshine is an underrated brilliant work of science fiction and 2008 weeks ended up being a very bad sequel in my opinion so needless to say Sunshine for me

Criminally underrated vs surprisingly overrated. Sunshine is probably my favourite Danny Boyle film to date, and that's up against some pretty stiff competition from a man who has never delivered a "bad" film in my eyes (there have been a few misfires granted, but nothing which I would consider especially "weak" by film standards). Yeah it had the slasher ending which nobody liked, but Mark Strong is such an intense actor that I can forgive his character's implausible existance and the narrative purpose he serves. 28 Weeks Later is a pretty pale imitation of the original, and I was surprised when I eventually got round to seeing it just how much praise it got in its initial run. It goes without saying that Sunshine wins.